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What to study for Clinical examination in Orthopedics?

Asked and answered by Epomedicine

There are various books for musculoskeletal assessment. One such book by Epomedicine is "Orthopedic Examination - A step by step guide".

This book has four sections: Section 1 details the principles of history taking and general examination in orthopedic patients; Section 2 covers examination of the joints and the spine; Section 3 deals with examination of the peripheral nerves of the hand; Section 4 discusses making differential diagnoses.

The chapters are organized in a logical and easy-to-follow manner, with numerous illustrations and photographs to aid readers in understanding the material. It is indeed difficult to find a student-friendly book on the system of Orthopedic examination and often the students struggle with the sequence and techniques during patient examination. This book comprises content in bullets and mnemonics which is expected to be easier to understand, follow and recall during patient assessment.