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Explain how the blood flows to the brain?

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The topics on Circle of Willis and the blood supply of brain has been covered in Epomedicine. You can refer to the following links for learning:

Anterior circulation (ICA branches):

1. Anterior choroidal: Hippocampus, Globus pallidus, Lower internal capsule

2. Anterior cerebral: Medial frontal and parietal cortex and subjacent white matter, anterior corpus callosum

3. Middle cerebral: Lateral frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal cortex and subjacent white matter

4. Lenticulostriate branches: Caudate nucleus, putamen, upper internal capsule

Source: AMBOSS

Posterior circulation

a. Vertebral artery branches (Posterior inferior cerebellar artery/PICA): Medulla, Lower cerebellum

b. Basilar artery branches:

1. Anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA): Lower and middle pons, anterior cerebellum

2. Superior cerebellar: Upper pons, lower midbrain, upper cerebellum

3. Posterior cerebral: Medial occipital and temporal cortex and subjacent white matter, posterior corpus callosum, upper midbrain

4. Thalamoperforate branches: Thalamus

5. Thalamogeniculate branches: Thalamus