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What is the difference between Raynaud Disease and Raynaud Phenomenon?

Asked by Tuncali 

In general, vasospastic disease with a known underlying cause is termed the Raynaud phenomenon. When no underlying cause is present, the clinical condition is known as Raynaud disease. The classical triphasic color change is seen in both. 

Raynaud disease tend to occur in premenopausal women while the phenomenon is more common in age >40 years without female predominance. The progression is more rapid, trophic changes are more common, abnormal Allen test are more common in Raynaud Phenomenon. 

Raynaud disease is usually symmetrical while the phenomenon is asymmetrical in relation to the clinical picture. 

Blood chemistry, microangiology and angiography are frequently abnormal in raynaud phenomenon, which are normal in Raynaud disease.