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How is dermatosis graded?

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Dermatosis is defined as a disorder involving lesions or eruptions of the skin that are acute (lasting days to weeks) or chronic (lasting months to years).

Grades of dermatosis in Severe Acute Malnutrition:

Grade 1: is characterized by dry skin, hyperpigmentation, and accentuation of the lines of the skin. Mild shedding of fine grey scales is observed in few areas.

Grade 2: the dark skin turns greyish, and the dusty scales loosen easily. Areas with hyperkeratosis appear. In these areas, the scales are more infiltrated and bigger.

Grade 3: scales are hard, shiny, and slightly hyperpigmented. Erosions appear where the scales are shed.

Reference: Heilskov, S., Vestergaard, C., & Deleuran, M. S. (2017). Defining and Assessing Skin Changes in Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). Handbook of Famine, Starvation, and Nutrient Deprivation, 1–21. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-40007-5_12-1