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How to remember branches of axillary artery?

Asked by Plavo 

The branches of the axillary artery can be remembered using various mnemonics. The basic to understanding is that it has 3 segments divided by the Pectoralis minor muscle. The numbered segment gives off same number of branches.

1. Segment I: has 1 branch 

2. Segment II: have 2 branches 

3. Segment III: have 3 branches 

There are various mnemonics used to remember the branches of axillary artery. The easiest and the commonest one is: S AL SAP

1. Segment I: Superior thoracic artery 

2. Segment II: Acromio-thoracic artery and Lateral thoracic artery 

3. Segment III: Subscapular artery, Anterior circumflex humeral artery and Posterior circumflex humeral artery

Further details of axillary artery can be read here: Axillary Artery Mnemonics | Epomedicine