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What is the difference between Bristow and Latarjet procedure?

Asked by Shawn 

Both of these surgeries are performed in cases of anterior shoulder instability. The key differences between these two surgeries are given in the table below:

Surgical StepLatarjetBristow
Osteotomy siteBetween coracobrachialis and pectoralis minor (~2 cm coracoid)Immediately distal to pectoralis minor (~1 cm coracoid)
Method of osteotomyChiselBone cutters
Subscapularis approachVertical tenotomyHorizontal split
Position of bone blockInferior surface in contact with glenoid vault - ‘Lying down’Resected surface in contact with vault - ‘Standing up’
Graft fixation2 screws1 screw
Coracoacromial ligamentSutured to capsulePreserved

Hybrid bristow-latarjet coracoid transfer involves transfer of 2 cm coracoid to glenoid neck but the coraco-acromial ligament is preserved.

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