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What is the difference between HA MRSA and CA MRSA?

Asked by Stephanie 

HA MRSA refers to Hospital Acquired MRSA and CA MRSA refers to Community Acquired MRSA. In contrast to HA MRSA which contains mec I, II and III resistance chromosomes, HA MRSA contains mec IV resistance chromosome. CA MRSA are less resistant and more susceptible to more classes of antibiotics. CA MRSA also carries PVL (Panton Valentin Leukocidin) gene which allows production of necrotizing cytotoxin and is responsible for increased invasiveness of the bacteria. 

In contrast to HA MRSA which infects older patients, CA MRSA infects younger patients. These CA MRSA have higher rate of skin and soft tissue infections (75%) compared to around 35% in HA MRSA group.